We didn't know they did that; Why?

In this Instagram photo of Mark; you can see that the web camera & microphone jack on his laptop are covered over by tape. Additionally. Former FBI Director stated that he also covers his webcam. So why do so many mobile device and laptop users not know about this? It’s simple: information and technology is evolving quicker than we can research. For example, only 14 out of 58 states actively go online and look up “webcam cover.” The majority of information that is most readily available on the internet directs and distracts it’s viewers to other things. Research shows that users log into Facebook and are drawn to the images that they want to see; as opposed to what we should be seeing. In fact, if you didn’t already know, you can adjust your news feed into curating specific types of news and updates. Facebook hosts the largest population of users which means that the amount of time users spend staring into their phones is almost immeasurable. Thus, we often forget to take a certain type of care in our habits when we do something so often. With information being extremely

and moving so quickly, we overlook habits that could benefit us in the future. In this case, it is cyber security.