Miss California Finds The Silver Lining After Her Webcam Was Hacked

After being crowned in 2013, it became her mission to raise awareness about sextortion and cybercrime. The hacker threatened to release and distribute photos of her unless she sent him photos and videos of herself; or join him on a skype video call and do as he instructed.

Miss California proudly working with C-slide

Only 19 at the time, she wasn’t aware that someone had the ability to hack her phone and watch her. In a video produced by the The Hustle in 2016 they summarize getting access to phone cameras, account information, and private photos in 10 minutes. Miss (Wolf) California made it her mission to raise awareness about cybercrime and toured a number of schools in an effort make the internet a safer place and help keep our private lives private. She continued her crusade and she partnered with us later that year and together we are working to protect as many people as possible. The idea of covering your cameras and sound jacks with tape are gone. More-so, the idea that “it could never happen to me” because it can happen to anyone. The most important takeaway is that we are in a position to take action instead of react; because if we’re reacting it’s already too late. It is stories like these that inspire many of us to make a difference and take action.