It's National Dentist Day... But Article Is About Our Webcam Covers

Toothpaste, toothbrushes , cleanings, fillings, crowns, the list goes on. The point is that we spend incredible amounts cash on our teeth and dental services. We do that because we are protecting ourselves from intruding viruses, and decay.

So what does a 15$ pack of webcam covers have anything to do with it? Okay, so the two aren't directly related, but that's because we are used to the process of dental care, compared to the newness of privacy protection and cyber security. How familiar does this sound: "Facetime Bug, Jeff Bezos, Miss California Teen USA, Cyber Bullying" ? All of which are related to webcam/phone hacking. That which, a $15 purchase could have prevented. Much like any type of care, we do it because we are proactive and want peace of mind. Check out our site and pick the webcam cover that best fits your laptop, phone, or tablet.