It’s never been easier to raise money for your team or school.  Simply purchase a Security Pack for $7.48 and sell them for $14.95.  The organization enjoys the proceeds and you enjoy the feeling that comes with proving privacy protection for all your friends and family.  Score!  The best thing about our fundraising is how many units you will need per household.  Everyone has a computer, tablet and phone thus one will be needed for every member of the household.

What you need to know:

  • 36 piece minimum

  • Non-profit price is $7.48 each plus shipping

  • You many not sell on ecommerce websites, including amazon, ebay or others since this program is for fundraising only

  • All fundraising requests must go through

  • Schools that sell 200 pieces or more will enjoy a donation from C-SLIDE of overrun printed units for the school at a ZERO cost per unit only shipping will need to be paid