Webcam Hacking

webcam hacking
FBI: Webcam hacking is the next big cybercrime that could impact you at home or work. Read More

Webcam Cover FAQ’s

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There are lots of ways to cover your webcam to stop webcam spying. You could use a Band-Aid, tape, or Post-it Note… But would you use them on your camera, or video camera? NO! Those solutions leave behind a sticky residue that will be messy for months. Read More

Before & After Webcam Cover

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The webcam cover is the only way to fully stop webcam spying. See the before and after with a current laptop. Read More

Who’s watching you through your web camera?

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Webcam HACKING is real. Protect your privacy NOW!
FITS: Laptops, Computers, Monitors, Tablets, iPads,external webcams, PS4, Xbox Kinect and Smart TV’s download webcam spying info sheet


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